@lucianaterroni: I always try to focus on the beauty of every place I visit

Luciana, a travel and lifestyle blogger from Twentyfourwithme, shares with us her favourite countries, her worst experiences from her travels and what...

@onelove.ourlove: We now appreciate the little things

Mike and Jana are big lovers of traveling, influencers and bloggers. In this interview, you will find out more about their travels,...

@charlies_wanderings: I like to give myself the freedom of exploring

Charlie is a twenty-something old, born and based in Belgium. She loves to travel and has been to many countries all over...

@hellomissjordan: I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember

Jordan Emily Brown is a young, energetic and newly engaged woman. She loves travelling and is enjoying every minute of her life....

@saradastjani: Everyone wants to prove that they are the best

Sara is an amazing actress currently based in LA but born in Germany. She is into fashion, fitness, traveling and obviously acting....

@moments_of_yugen: Trust your feelings and embrace it

Pauli and Pedro, adventurous couple who travels the world and is not afraid of challenges. They’ve been to quite a lot of countries...


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