Interview with @laelegantia: I have been passionate about fashion since I was a child

A fashion and travel lover Zlatina, is living in the most exciting cities in the world. She is regularly providing us with the most recent looks, travel posts, and inspirations on her blog and Instagram. Through her hard work and self-confidence, she has built her brand name.

Hello, I am Zlatina Jekova, a 26-year-old fashion and travel blogger, who is based between London and Barcelona. I have been blogging since 2015, and since then I have grown a following of over 800k people (I still can’t believe it)! I am super passionate about traveling, and truly believe that there is nothing better to invest your money in! Well, apart from a nice pair of shoes, I suppose! The other thing that I am extremely passionate about is fashion and for that reason, I devoted my blog to traveling and fashion.

You are an Instagram star with more than 750k followers, which is amazing and it is a dream of almost every influencer out there. As we can see, your style is very chic and elegant and you seem to love fashion. But you studied something totally different. How did you become so passionate about fashion?

I have been passionate about fashion since I was a child! My grandma used to make her own clothes and my mum had a boutique shop, so I guess I grew up in a family that loved fashion and was truly passionate about it! When I was a kid I wanted to become a designer, but I have very poor drawing skills, so I picked something completely different for my studies. In fact, my bachelor degree is in International Relations and I briefly worked for a few non-profit organizations. However, fashion remained my true passion and I saw blogging as a chance to show my style to the world.

Now in your mid-twenties, you’ve already accomplished so many things that others can only dream of. You started blogging in 2015. Why did you come up with this idea?

I started blogging a few months after graduating from a Bachelor degree. The reason why I started is that I was looking for something to start as a hobby. I spent a couple of months thinking about what I can do after work, that can be related to my passions and which I can hopefully grow into something more than just a hobby!

I went on a trip to Hungary and during that trip, I met a girl that was a full-time blogger. I have heard about bloggers before, but didn’t really know that this can be your full-time job! It sounded too good to be true! So pretty much straight after that trip I decided to give it a try and started blogging. And look at me now, blogging is my full-time job too!

You named your blog “La Elegantia.” Why’s that? How did you come up with it?

Elegantia means elegance in Latin! I love Latin, everything in that language sounds so elegant, right? I chose it as I believe being elegant is the most important part of a woman’s look.

Describe a little bit how did it all start? What was the easiest part of starting a blog and what caused you difficulties?

I just woke up one day and I decided that I am starting this blog! I had no idea where to start and what to do really. I had only met one blogger before and had pretty much zero clues about how it all worked. That did not stop me though! I had absolutely no idea how to build my own website, but I was determined, so I learned how to do it and a couple of days, and a lot of youtube videos later my blog was up and running.

When you are determined to achieve something, you always find a way to do it! So the easiest part was to say I am starting this, the hardest part was everything that followed.

Especially in the first months, as everything I was getting as feedback from was to try something else, that with this I was simply wasting my time. Here comes some more good advice: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! People are often negative when you start doing something new, but this does not mean that you won’t succeed.

How was the process of reaching your audience? What did you have to undertake to be seen and make people read your blog?

It was very difficult at the beginning! However, I was lucky that I managed to create content in the first few months that got
reshared a lot on Facebook (a few topics I wrote about seemed to be very interesting at the time) and I started getting a lot of traffic!

Apart from that lucky moment, I did a lot of guest posts as well as reshares of profiles with other bloggers, that really helped too. I also started meeting up with local bloggers on a regular basis, which was great, as we shared a lot of tips with each other and had a chance to analyze what was working and what was not.

What do you think made people so curious about you?

I think it was a combination of my constant travels and my style. I always try to experiment with how I look and I think people like that. Of course, they also like to see the places that I visit. I tend to share a lot of tips and videos from my travels on my stories, so people can get the feeling that they are traveling to that place too.

What is the most important thing about writing a blog and not fade into the background?

You have to be true to yourself! Always! People are on your blog to read your opinion and to see the content you have created. Do not overgeneralize things, you have to be unique in your own way in order to engage the audience.

If someone wants to be an influencer, they need to invest a lot of time into it, work hard and be passionate. Do you agree?

Absolutely! In the first three years of my blog, I didn’t really get much money out of it. I was mainly getting products in exchange for exposure, but that was not from the beginning either. If you are planning to become an influence just because you want to get a lot of money out of it and to have an “easy” job, it would be better not to start! You have to be truly passionate about it, otherwise you will not be able to handle all the hard work and obstacles on your way to growing a significant audience.

You are part of our book How to Become a Successful Influencer. People can read tips and interviews with successful influencers like you there. What do you think about our book?

I think it is a great project! The popularity of influencers is really rising in the current digital era and a lot of people are aware of what it really is. I remember, when I first started, people were still not very familiar with what an influencer is and if it can be an actual job title. However, I still think that there is a lot of mystery around how to become a successful influencer, and for that reason, I believe that this book can help people to find really good tips on how to become influencers and what really works, by reading about the journeys of successful influencers.

You can read the whole interview with @laelegantia in our new book!

Source: Domi from InfluenceDot, Edited by Lucc and Ivo, Photo: Instagram @laelegantia


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