10 Best Places To Visit In Europe For 2019

Whether you look for a city break, family holiday, romantic getaway or you want to travel alone or with friends, let us introduce you the 10 best places to visit in Europe chosen by YOU.


Florence is incredible, incomparable city, which has seduced everyone, who visited once. It is inspiring, with a lot of museums, paintings and sculptures. Its light, beauty and atmosphere will bring you to another dimension. 


Budapest is the capital city of Hungry and one of the favourite places to visit in 2019. This place is full of architectural and historical sightseeings. 


Athens is a historic place of European philosophy. It belongs to top destinations in Europe every year. Travellers are amazed by its architecture, monuments and history. Nightlife, trendy shops, gastronomy and its proximity to the sea makes it also very attractive. 


Braga is very charming and full of life. It offers you a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can stroll through shopping streets with traditional shops and shopping centres or you can take a romantic break in Santa Barbara Garden. Whether you are a nature lover, adventurer or foodie, Braga offers you high-quality events throughout the year.  


Rotterdam is like an open gallery with its plenty of things to offer. From green garden to a film screening to live music to vintage shops. It’s arts, full of architecture and in spring you will find many tulip fields as a perfect cliché Netherlands. 


Sipping a cocktail on the rooftop, strolling through shopping streets or enjoying the fresh sea air. This and a lot more has Málaga to offer. It is a unique destination with a mix of modern and traditional. Forget Madrid and Barcelona this year.


Krakow is a Polish capital to get easy around. It is known for its academic, economic and artistic activities, which makes it the important city in Poland. Do some shopping, visit museums, take some pictures and enjoy long walks. Also, don’t forget to try delicious Polish food. 


In Geneva anything is possible. Skiing in the morning, shopping in the evening? No problem! Geneva, with its unmissable experience and the biggest lake in Western Europe, is a place you will never forget.


Bratislava is a place to be if you’re looking for unique cuisine, cultural experience and a wonderful atmosphere. Bratislava Castle, the UFO Tower and St. Martin Cathedral offers spectacular panoramic views over the town, which are a “must-to-visit”. 


Riga is a dynamic city to visit this year if you want to go mad on your social networks. Its mix of architecture, history and modernity will amaze you. A perfect city for lovers, singles and friends or for those who just want to chill and relax. Latvian Bath is definitely a must when visiting Riga. 

Let us know which cities you’ve already visited and which are you planning to visit in 2019.

Source: Domi from InfluenceDot


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