How to wear: denim skirt

  1. Minimalistic – “Grab that shirt from the closet!”

This is the simplest way to style a denim skirt. You can’t do anything wrong with one color shirt or t-shirt. Actually, you can style it with slip ons or high heels, add some details:a like a belt or sunglasses and you will definitely look stylish and chic.

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2. Cozy – “What to say? Just listen to Sweater Weather and get into the mood.”

We all know autumn can be cold sometimes but just imagine how lovely would it be to combine a denim skirt with a sweater. Yes, it would be so stylish and nice! Maybe you will be freezing in the morning but it pays off when you become the star of the day in the office. We don’t have to mention how comfortable cozy sweaters are. They are soft and cuddly and you can wear them with sneakers or ankle boots.Don’t be afraid and try it!

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Hang T Nguyen |

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3. Crazy – “There’s nothing wrong with layers! Just get a little crazy and wear denim with… denim.”

Some people will serve you some strange looks, some people will praise you for being a fashion guru. There’s nothing wrong with wearing denim with denim, even though it may seem crazy to some people. If you are not sure whether you should wear it or not, our advice is: “Give it a chance.” Who knows? Maybe you will find your favourite outfit.

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Uzy |

Source: Iva from Influencedot, Edited by: Lucc & Petra & Ivo, Photo: Instagrams of featured influencers


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