How to style : White Dress

A white dress is definitely “it” piece that should not be missing in your wardrobe this summer. There are many occasions for wearing a white dress and it doesn’t always have to be only a wedding. 

Girl lace dress, sleeveless summer dress, cocktail dress or a ruffle sleeve dress.

While choosing your perfect one for you, find a good choice that fits you, your style and your personality.

Get inspired by our lovely influencers.





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Today’s topic: Social Media. To present perfect photos or to share reality? That’s the question! If you know me personally, you know much I struggle with this concept. On one end, I love connecting with people I follow who are real, down to earth and who talk about things like self love, family life, struggles, insecurities, etc. because I can relate. On the other end, I get SO excited seeing concepts come to life. There’s nothing more exhilarating (to me, at least) than to come up with an idea, find the perfect outfit, shoot it and see it flourish on this tiny screen. It’s so much fun to me so I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed the latter, but lately have felt a little torn because I don’t want to negatively affect anyone watching (by presenting the perfect life) or obsess over insignificant details like the perfect edit for my photos. To me, my style reflects my story. Where I am in life. What I’m doing. What I’m going through. (Don’t believe me? Just scroll down two years ago and you’ll see lots of darker themes, different style, etc. lol) And who I’ve become. It’s by no means my highlight reel. Most days, I wear leggings and a t-shirt. I don’t wear a ton of makeup and I make a consorted effort to unplug at night that way I spend quality time with the ones I love. (This is why I don’t do very many IG Stories – because my personal life is so sacred to me… and let’s be real, kind of boring! This is also why I generally stick to fashion, travel, beauty, decor related topics on IG Stories.) So I ask – what are your thoughts on this topic. Do you enjoy perfect photos… do they inspire you? Are you able to separate editorial from reality? Or do you like it when people share reality? Like I said, I’m really interested in exploring this a little deeper and would love your thoughts! ❤️ #realtalk #liketkit

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Me sometimes 😕 #mfw

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85 degrees #ootd

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Copenhagen nights 🇩🇰

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How do you style your white dress ??

Written by: Domi from InfluenceDot


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