@moments_of_yugen: Trust your feelings and embrace it

Pauli and Pedro, adventurous couple who travels the world and is not afraid of challenges. They’ve been to quite a lot of countries together and they would love to see more. What tips they have for travelers and what their life is like, it’s something that you find in this interview. Keep on reading!

Hi Pauli and Pedro, how did you two meet?

Summertime was blooming and the hot blazing sun was burning our shoulders as we were walking out of the shade. The ocean was calling us and our destiny couldn’t be other than the beach. This is where we met 4 years ago on the shores of beautiful Barcelona.

Why did you decide to travel full-time? What made you make this decision?

When I met Pedro, he was about to leave for his first trip to Asia. When he started to send me photos of the incredible landscapes of Thailand, I was so wowed… I definitely wanted to visit all those places! Once he came back, we started to plan our first trip together – 101 days in South East Asia. Since then, we couldn’t stop exploring the world together.


What is the most beautiful experience from your travels?

There are so many! We can’t pick only one. Our top three are:

  • diving in the bluest waters of the Maldives

  • wandering around and getting lost in the temples of Angkor in Cambodia

  • meeting wonderful people, getting to know their cultures and above all making new friendships

We all know very well that to create a photo of a great quality is quite hard. How much time do you spend on taking and editing your photos?

Definitely too much haha. We both graduated in artistic areas and sometimes we are a bit perfectionistic. We might even repeat the same photo 50 times until we get THAT shot. We do not travel with a photographer, and the only way to have both of us in the picture is to use our tripod. That’s why sometimes it’s not easy.

How do you pay for all your travel expenses?

We are both working as freelancers to cover our travel expenses. We are also very blessed for all the hotels and brands we’ve been working with, that help us to see the world.


If you were to choose one country that everyone should visit in their lives, what country would it be?

Thailand, without any doubt! The land of smiles is an amazing country with beautiful and kind people. We have already visited it several times and we only hold good memories of it.

What would you recommend to travel-beginners who are off to their first trip?

Be positive in every decision you take, pack only the necessary, trust your feelings and embrace it.

What do you think people should keep in mind and take caution of when traveling?

Make sure you read about the visa restrictions before arriving at the country you are going to, check up the recommended vaccines and invest in good travel insurance, always keep an eye on your belongings no matter where you are going, read reviews about places, trips or anything you are about to book.

How do you choose your destinations?

We are getting inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest.


In what country have you spent the longest period of time so far?

Thailand and Indonesia – 3 months in each country.

What do you always take with you when traveling? Any essentials?

Shooting gear, power bank and medicine just in case 🙂

Our last questions is: What do you think about our project InfluenceDot?

Thank you for interviewing us! We believe it’s a great idea to get to know more about influencers lifestyle and we really like your articles! Great job guys!

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Source: Nicol from InfluenceDot, Edited: Lucc & Petra, Photo: Instagram @moments_of_yugen


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