Vegan Sustainable Materials You Should Know About

Being naked is obviously the most sustainable option, but let’s be honest, it’s not always practical. The fashion industry and companies are being forced to rethink the way of making their clothes in order to comply with the growing interest of ethical fashion of their customers.

Many brands have become more and more conscious about the materials they use to make the clothes and in their approach to design. 

As we, “normal customers” also bloggers and influencers are supporting sustainable brands and companies creating their clothes made of sustainable materials for a good reason.

Let’s dive in…

Organic Cotton

Cotton is the number one vegan material. To produce traditional cotton, it takes a huge amount of water. Whereas organic cotton is grown from non-genetically modified plants without toxic pesticides.

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ENTIRELY ETHICAL OUTFIT • My blouse is thrifted from the "Second Chance Bazaar" several months ago! • • Those ethically made dungarees are from @lucyandyak a UK based brand that creates dungarees from organic cotton. Their clothing is handmade by a small family run business in a rural part of India, who are paid fair wages and offered safe working conditions. • • Finally, wearing these @palaeyewear sunnies, who even have my name in some of their models! For every purchase you make Pala facilitates eye-care and eye-sight tests in Africa. • Tag me #ethicalandeasy in your posts with new or old thrifted outfits or items to be featured! Let's make ethical fashion the new black!

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Pineapple Leather

Or known as “Piñatex” is a natural leather alternative. It’s made of cellulose fibres from pineapple leaves. This plant-based leather is not easy to make, but it has a relatively low environmental impact since the pineapple harvest already exists. 

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✨ Golden hour☽ Wearing my vegan bag from @justananas_paris – made from Piñatex which is actually a vegan « leather » made from pineapples 🍍 It really looks like real leather, don’t you think ? . Nouvel article en ligne ce soir sur le blog ✨ je vous parle aujourd’hui du Piñatex, ce faux-cuir hyper innovant fabriqué à base de fibres d’ananas ! Je porte ici mon sac @justananas_paris en cuir d’ananas, vous ne trouvez pas qu’on dirait du vrai cuir ?? Passez une belle soirée☽ . #justananas #pinatex #pineappleleather #veganleather #cuirdananas #sponsored #stayandwander #ethicalfashion #veganista #whatceganswear #modeethique #ecofashion #fairfashionootd

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Apple Leather

When we look into the food industry, there is so much food waste. This interesting discovery, to use even the leftovers from apples is huge. The apples are pureéd, spread on sheet and dehydrated. Most of the moisture is removed and it turns into a leathery sheet. 



One of the best thing about cork is that it could be harvested without cutting down the tree, so it can make new sources. Cork is a natural and biodegradable material, mostly grown in Portugal.


Tencel is natural cellulose and fully biodegradable, found in wood pulp. Tencel is soft fabric, named to be a material of the future due to its optimizing moisture and heat control.



Hemp is strong and durable fabric, with a texture a lot like linen. For its fast-growing, it does not require any pesticides and does not exhaust the soil. 

Soy Silk

This relatively new fibre is made of soybeans waste leftovers in the food industry. Soy silk well known as vegetable cashmere is 100% natural, biodegradable and completely renewable source. 

And many more…

Of course, you can purchase your clothing from second-hand stores to create your sustainable wardrobe. But if you want to take a step further, you can buy new sustainable garments. We just have to be conscious of the fashion that is healthy for people and for the planet. 


Stop buying fast fashion, buy and support more sustainable and ethical brands.


Written by: Domi from InfluenceDot


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