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Helene is a successful travel blogger whose motto is: Stop waiting, start living. And she definitely does live by it. Check out her amazing photos, articles and moreover read some more about her here and now, it’s worth it!

Hello Helene, could you tell us 5 things about yourself, each starting with one of the letters of your first name?

I have to say I don’t think I’ve been asked to do this since I was in grade school! I have a lot of “e”s in my name so…

Happy – I am an extremely happy person and try to look for the good in things.

Energetic – Although I love Netflix and chill, I am always up for trying something new or ready to go on an adventure.

Laughing – I spend most days laughing – usually at myself.

Effervescent – I’m always enthusiastic. Friends make fun of me that I use too many superlatives!

Noble – I’ll stick by your side through thick and thin.

Excited – I get excited about most things.

Your blog Heleninbetween was established in 2011 and is mostly about traveling. What more could you tell us about it?

It’s actually not just about traveling, it’s about my life, social media, blogging, and travel. When I started my blog in 2012, I had just fallen 20 feet rock climbing and needed a creative outlet. I was laid up at home, unable to go to work for weeks. My only outlet was to pour my heart into this blog. It became the silver lining. We moved abroad in 2016 with the sole purpose of traveling and experiencing Europe. So far, we’ve traveled to 47 countries and our dogs have been to 13! I like to write about everywhere we’ve been and shared our real travel experiences along the way.

As we said, you are writing mostly about traveling and we can also find several travel concepts on your blog. What is your most favorite travel concept to write about?

I like to write itineraries since that’s the trips I take mostly. We usually take quite long trips 7-15 days. So I like to catalog my trips that way. I think my readers are most interested to find something useful out of those kinds of posts. I try my best to weave in personal anecdotes along with helpful travel information and tips.

You were in Prague and you wrote several posts about it on your blog. How would you describe Prague and what did you like the most about the city?

What’s not to like about Prague!? It’s one of Europe’s best-preserved cities with charming cobblestone streets, epic cathedrals, the commanding Charles Bridge, and can even crawl home from a night out at the bar. To me, it’s a city that has so much to offer.

What are the essentials that can‘t be missing in your suitcase?

I also bring wet wipes, a red bandana, a clear plastic makeup case, a long sleeve t-shirt, and an extra camera charger.

How much time does it take to plan a trip for you? What is your favorite company to travel with?

To be completely honest, my husband, who also works on the blog, plans the majority of our trips! It really depends on the type of trip. Iceland took us weeks to plan, whereas our recent trip to Chamonix took only a few days. We don’t often travel with companies. But I absolutely love Viking Cruises. Here’s my review of traveling with Viking.

There’s also an online shop on your blog. You don’t only sell popular lightroom presets but also your own e-book called Instagram Unlocked. Could you tell us more about the e-book? How much time did it take you to write it?

I offer blogging courses, an Instagram course, Lightroom presets, and an ebook. Because my background is in social media and marketing I used what I learned in the corporate world and applied that to my blog and social media. I spent 4 years blogging before I went full time, and I credit that to my success online. I am able to make a salary that supports both myself and my husband and our life.

Why should people buy your e-book? And where can they buy it?

If you want a way to establish your foundation, set goals, and grow your following organically, as well as understand the Instagram algorithm, I think people would like this book. It can be found here.

Could you tell us your three favorite Instagram tips?

Don’t spend so much time stressing over Instagram! Go out and live your life. Focus on sharing a few times a week. I think it’s important to use Instagram as a way to meet your goals. My goals for Instagram are to get people to read my blog. So when I post, that’s my ultimate focus. Tell stories. And most of all, be yourself.

Our project is called Influencers. Do you consider yourself an influencer? What does the word mean to you?

I think anyone who shares their life online, is an influencer. So, therefore, I do think I am an influencer. A true influencer, to me, is not the size of your audience, but the influence you portray. If you share something, that people will actually follow through and listen to you? That, to me, is what truly defines an influencer.

When was the first time you realized that you have an influence on social media?

I think when someone mentioned they booked a trip because of me. I was so excited because I helped them make such a big decision. Now I have the hashtag #helenemademedoit so I can see if others are sharing about what they learn or experience because of me.

Thank you for your time, Helene. We have one more question: What do you think about our project InfluenceDot?

I love that you are creating an inspiring place for online creators. We need a place to connect and find one another and I think this is a fantastic idea. You share value by connecting travel and passion, which is so important in our society.

Source: Iva from InfluenceDot, Edited by Petra, Lucc and Ivo, Photo: Instagram @heleneinbetween


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