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Mike and Jana are big lovers of traveling, influencers and bloggers. In this interview, you will find out more about their travels, how they write their blog and also more about their character traits. Who do you think is more adventurous? If you want to know all the answers to these questions, keep reading and enjoy it!

Hello, Mike and Jana. First of all, could you try to describe one another in a few words or sentences?

Mikey is the most chill and positive person I have ever met. He is always happy and addicted to surfing.

Jana is the most creative, driven and loyal person I’ve ever met. She never stops dreaming big.

You are big lovers of traveling which is very adventurous. We would like to know who is more spontaneous and adventurous?

Definitely Mikey. Jana’s a planner, she likes to know things and be prepared.

How did you two meet?

We met in Vail Colorado in 2005 when Jana came from Bulgaria to work and snowboard for one winter. I was working as a snowboard instructor at the base of the mountain where she worked. We started seeing each other everyday and started snowboarding together. Soon enough, our friendship grew to something more and the rest is history. 13 years later we are happily married and living in California in between our travels.


Were you two travel-lovers before you met each other or has your passion evolved  after you met each other? If yes, who influenced whom?

We both loved traveling prior to meeting but our passion definitely grew even bigger when we started dating. Mikey lived in Costa Rica and South Africa and Jana in France for a while, so we definitely had the travel bug already. Living and working at a ski resort, we had two off seasons which gave us the opportunity to travel a lot.

How do you choose your next destination? Do you fight while choosing it or do you agree most of the time?

We always try to visit a new country from our bucket list. Usually Jana comes up with all the ideas and destinations and Mikey picks. We never had a fight over where to go.

If you had just one destination ahead and no more, what place would you choose?

If it’s just one destination to visit, Jana would choose French Polynesia and Mikey Antarctica.

What have you learnt from your travels or traveling in general?

So many things but mostly how much we grew as couple just by sharing experiences that are out of the ordinary life. We’ve witnessed cultures that live in poverty and being happier than most people we know at home. Traveling taught us how insignificant our daily problems are in the grand scheme of things. We learned to have an open mind and live in the present. We now appreciate the little things and we are grateful each day for the life we live.


You also write a blog One Love Our Love. When did you start it and what was the first impulse for starting it?

We launched our blog in January 2017 but we started traveling extensively since 2008. Our friends would always ask us for recommendations to every place we’ve been and many even told us that we should start a blog about our travels. Back then we didn’t feel like sharing everything but in 2016 we suddenly had the desire to start documenting our trips and we decided to start our blog and Instagram account.

How does it work for you? Who writes more and who takes photos more?

It’s been such an amazing journey. Jana writes all the blog posts and I help her with the edits. When it comes to taking photos we both do the job but Jana’s in charge of the editing.

We are amazed by the photos on your blog and Instagram. What camera do you use and what apps do you use for editing?

Thank you so much, we are still learning and hoping to progress even more. We shoot with the Fuji XT2 with 35mm f2 and 16mm f1.4 lenses.

Can you count how many countries you’ve traveled to so far?

We’ve been to 53 countries together.


Tell us three things each of you need in your travel suitcase, please.

Mikey: yoga mat, speaker and something to work out with.

Jana: camera equipment, swimsuit, my favorite conditioner and hair comb.

Any bad experience from your travels? What about the good ones?

We have quite a few but they are part of the journey. In 2013, Mikey got dengue fever in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia and it was the scariest experience. Also, last year in Italy, our rental car got broken into and our drone and camera gear was stolen. But the good ones are way more and that’s what matters. Like for example when we went to Sahara desert, slept in a berber camp and witness the most beautiful night sky. Seeing the sunrise on the next morning surrounded by sand dunes and Mikey asking to marry me was one of those experiences that we would never forget. Or when we went to a tiny poor village in Dominican Republic and brought to the kids school supplies and basic clothes. Seeing their happy smiles touched our hearts forever. The experiences from travelling has enhanced our lives tremendously.

What does the word “influencer” mean  to you? Do you think you are influencers?

It means that you have a way to reach, impact and inspire other people hopefully in a positive way to believe in themselves, to do and be better. We don’t know if we can call ourselves influencers but we would like to believe that we have a positive influence on our followers.

What option would you choose from these?

gin tonic / wine Mikey wine, Jana doesn’t drink, so neither

pizza / burger Pizza but vegan

movie / series Movie

sneakers / heels Sneakers

mountains / seaside Seaside close to the mountains

half-empty glass / half-full glass Definitely half-full glass


Thank you for your time. Our last question is: What do you think about our project InfluenceDot?

We are really excited to be included in your project. It’s a great outlet where you can find amazing people who share their inspiring stories.

Thank you for your time!

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Source: Iva from InfluenceDot, Edited by: Lucc & Petra, Photo: Instagram @onelove.ourlove


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