We are connecting the world of influencers and digital creators

Influencedot is a platform that connects worldwide community of influencers and digital creators. We connect people with the same passion and give them inspiration.


Influencedot was founded in 2016 in the Czech Republic, Europe by two friends Ivo and Sebastian with the mission to connect and support influencers and digital creators around the World and help them to scale their influence to the next level. We believe in that if we connect people with the same passion than amazing things could happen, especially with creative people like influencers and digital creators.

We made the online magazine Influencedot.com where we posting interviews with influencers and digital creators, tips, and articles on how to scale your influence to the next level.

We published our own book How to Become a Successful Influencer including exclusive interviews with already successful influencers. Soon, we will launch Influencer Masterclass which is an educational platform with online courses from digital creators for digital creators.



Supporting and helping to the influencers and digital creators is one of our main goals. Because we already see the power of helping each other and we think it is the best way how to make progress.


By creating the community of people with the same passion we are able to bring inspiration to the others as well as get inspired by others in your community. Engaged community is very powerful.


The best way how to make the progress is to learn new skills from people who know them and then practice them in real life. We created our own book or launching our educating platform with online courses.

Meet the Team

Ivo Veselý

Founder & CEO

Sebastian Hozák

Founder & CTO

Lucie Drápelová

Editorial Manager

Dominika Blchová

Interview & Article Editor

Ivana Malíková

Interview & Article Editor

Nicol Urdová

Interview & Article Editor

Denisa Kořanová

Social Media Manager

Tereza Dobiášová

Social Media Manager